pocket casino


This pocket casino, made by the folks at the Frugal Mamas, is a fun way to spend money that’s easy to make and keep track of. The game is played by tossing dice and sliding the dice to the nearest slot.

The premise is simple: Just toss a die to see how much you can get if you keep throwing until there’s a slot left.

PocketCasino uses a very simple design. All you have to do is set the amount of money you want to get and go to a website with the amount you just collected. The site will then deduct a little bit for each die you toss, and if you reach the amount you want, you have to pay the full amount. So it’s similar to a slot machine, except instead of winning you win a little bit of cash.

The game has a very simple interface, but it looks very slick. The player tosses the die and the site pulls out the amount they want from the die. Once the site has that amount, they deduct the rest and you can play. I haven’t played it yet, but I can see how it could be very addictive. I would recommend playing it if you have a lot of money to hand.

The game is actually very simple to play. Each player holds an eight-sided die and rolls it. If it lands on a red or black face, the player wins the amount they chose for the die. If it lands on a face with a different number, they lose.

There are four types of betting. We’ve got the “pay to win” which lets you bet on which cards are going to be dealt to you. This one feels a little more like a casino version of “I’m not afraid of the big blackjack dealer”. You can also bet on which numbers will be chosen by the dealer.

This betting interface has a couple of really cool features to it. First, there are four betting types. Second, the amount that you bet is determined by the number of faces you have in your hand. So if you have a 6, you can bet $3.00 on the face that comes next. There are also odds on which cards are going to be dealt. So if you want to bet $5.00 on a 7, the odds are 25%.

When playing against another player, if you are holding a hand of the same number, you can only win twice. If, however, you are holding a hand with a different number, you can win on the first play or the second.

If you play against a player who holds a hand that is different than you in any one of these categories, you can either win twice if you hold a different hand, or lose once if you hold the same hand. So, if a player holds a hand of 3, you can win on your first play, but on the second you can lose on the second play.

This mechanic is a fun way for players to play, but it has some potential for abuse. It means that if you don’t play your hand right, it can cost you five points, but if you play it right, it can win you all the points. I think this is a problem that is much better addressed in the game’s mechanics, but I also think it’s something that will be a factor in the game’s future.


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