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paras palautusprosentti casino

Paraphrasing the title of the book, “Paras palautus,” is a common saying in Italy, meaning “who cares about someone else’s opinion?” Often, this is used as an insult, like “paras palautus,” meaning “you can’t even touch the ground.

Paras palautusprosentti is a phrase in which a person is usually said to care about another person’s opinion. In this case, it is used as an insult — literally, you cannot touch the ground. Now, that may seem like a pretty petty way of saying you can’t even touch the ground. But this is an Italian saying that’s meant to be more than just a playful insult.

Paras palautusprosentti is a saying that is used as a very serious insult, literally meaning you cannot touch the ground. Now, that one could be a little hard to understand, but it should be pretty easy to understand.

In this case, it’s just a silly question. The question is, how can you touch the ground? That’s one of the many questions that people ask when they are trying to decide whether they are or not.

Its not really a question, its more like a statement, but it is true that we can’t touch the ground. And that is something that has always bothered me. I mean, if you can walk, I think you can get anywhere. If you can’t walk, I think you can’t get anywhere. I don’t really know the real answer to that though.

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