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I am a firekeeper. I have been for over two decades. I love what I do, but I love it more because I love the people I work with. That’s why I love the City of San Francisco. It is so much more fun to work here than my home state.

So much so that I was recently asked what the job is like, and I told them firekeepers are the guys who stay at fire stations around the world, because they are the ones who do the work of keeping the fire burning. I could tell you if I was a firekeeper, but the truth is I am more than a firekeeper. I am a firefighter.

Every time I go to a firehouse I see the people that I work with and I am like a human being. If a firehouse is a place where people live and work, I am like a human being. I go to those locations and I get to work as a fireman, and the people that stay around here are the ones that keep the fire going.

The folks that are in firehouses, they are the ones that keep the fire going by getting to know the firefighters. When you’re a firefighter you do the work of a firekeeper, and it is your job to get the fire going. The firekeeper is the one that gets to know the firefighters so that they can pass on what they know to the next firefighter. You’re a part of the team, and you’re part of the family.

The same thing happens to the firemen, because they don’t know where to start, or if they’re going to get backfiring at all. They know they’re a fireman and they know they’re going to get backfiring. As a group, they are, and they’re very much part of the team.

The firekeeper is a family to the firemen and this whole team, but their job is to learn and pass on what they know. This is one of the reason they are so hard to beat in poker. The fire, the firekeeper, the firefighters know who is going to win and they know who is going to lose. This is the difference between poker and bingo, and it is what makes both so great.

Now that I’ve got you all fired up for the Poker Challenge, I’ll just say that firekeepers are a special kind of poker player. In poker, they tend to take their opponents’ “chip value” for granted. In bingo, the firekeepers don’t do this so much. They are careful to assess the situation and what the next move is going to be. They don’t just jump in and beat the crap out of people all the time.

I love that. I always say that the more a person fights the more likely they are to be hit. If they had more time than I do, they would definitely be better.But if they have a bigger mind and have more time, they may be better.

The firekeepers are a group of people who are very skilled at bingo, which means they have to be very smart. One of the things that I love about poker is that its a game of timing. I love that when you have to think quickly about when to hit a shot and when to roll your defense. It also requires a level of skill that I don’t have in bingo. If I was a bingo player, I would probably be a firekeeper.

A firekeeper in the game of bingo is a little awkward, but not the worst thing. He can be very dangerous, but you should probably just give him a shot. Firekeepers are the most unique poker games I have played, and so are bingo players (even if they are not bingo players).


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