casino night the office


This is my new favorite term. When I say “casino night”, I mean every Thursday at the office. We don’t call it “casino night” and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to either. I’m a little of a game nazi, so on this particular Thursday, my coworkers and I decide to take a little bit of a break at home.

In the gaming world, the term “casino night” is usually used to refer to a long slot machine or table game session where players make a lot of wagers. I’m sure that most of us have been in one of these things at one point in time. However, the term casino night is used in a slightly different context to mean “casino night” at your office if the person you’re talking to is at the office.

If you are at your office, you probably would not be in the same room with a group of people all playing a slot machine at the same time. Rather, as your office becomes more and more crowded you would need to find a less crowded space in order to play at the same time as the rest of the office. So in order to get to the gaming table, you would first need to find a place where you can walk around.

So if you are at work, you can get more than a few minutes of free play at the games table. If you are at your office, you can play as much as you want in all the time your office is open.

As it turns out, when we are at our office, we are not allowed to play in the office. We are only allowed to play in our office. That being said, we can play at the gaming table at other times. We can play in the restroom, anywhere in the office. It’s a bit of a limitation, but it’s one we can live with because many of us work during lunch.

Its great to know that our office is open, and that we can even play in our own office. This should give us some peace and quiet.

We can play in the office, as long as it’s not after 11:00 p.m. The office and restroom are open later than that. We can play when our manager is not using our office. If she is using it, we can only play in it. Its great to have the ability to play at your own location.

We can use our phones during our lunch break, but we can’t be in the office during that time. The office is open during lunch, but not after that. The office is open until 1200. Since the cafeteria is open from 1200 to 1300, we can only play in the office from 1300 to noon. We can play at your office, if you haven’t already.

Of course, it seems like this is just the first of many casino nights we’ll be able to take advantage of. The office is not, however, a “casino” in the conventional sense. It’s a small, cozy office that has a desk and a chair, a computer, and a phone. We can only play if we’re there.

Sounds like a good deal. While we might not actually be playing, the office is a place where we can play. In fact, we could probably be playing in the office all day long.


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