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You know that feeling when you walk into a casino and the casino has a whole floor full of people who are playing blackjack? Well that’s what casino ballroom feels like. The majority of the floor is full of people trying to win big money and if you can get you to the craps table you are guaranteed an action packed evening.

It’s always nice to see what’s new in the world of casino games. There are still plenty of casino games that haven’t been made the world of their time. And when you add in all the new games that are being designed that are being created, its nice to see what’s going on. You can also see the people gaming on the floor so you can see that they are enjoying themselves too.

I thought it was just the guys with their pool tables and chips in hand, but I was wrong. One of the ladies at the table is a stripper who is playing pool, and she really has a lot of stamina.

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